My Goal - To positively impact individuals so that greater self-love, life satisfaction and engagement are achieved through conscious living.

Who is Laine Morgan?

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Laine Morgan is a personal consultant and spiritual life coach with over 25 years of experience assisting others in creating more fulfilling lives. She is also a licensed New Thought minister with Centers for Spiritual Living. Her clients have included spiritual community congregants, mental health patients, teenagers, parents of special needs children, incarcerated individuals, creative college students, sales teams, and business professionals in executive or leadership positions. Recently she worked for 10 years as a coach in a corporate setting for executives, helping them achieve record results and build satisfying careers for them and their teams. She has maintained an independent successful coaching practice since 2010. She holds 2 Master’s Degree in Counseling and Consciousness Studies. Laine is a dynamic and charismatic teacher and coach, but she is also patient, relatable and nurturing in her demeanor. She is a parent, an avid reader, a decent tennis player, and has traveled extensively. Laine is on her own spiritual journey and surrounds herself with others who are seeking their highest expression and experiences in life.

What is Coaching?

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Coaching is about setting aside time in your schedule to focus on all aspects of you! Through personalized conversations, questions and homework, you will be guided to examine where you are in life now and make decisions about where you want to go next. You decide the areas of focus – career, finances, relationships, intimacy, life purpose, spirituality, balance, change management – or whatever is on your mind. We get clear on what is important to you, identify goals and intentions, remove obstacles and set up accountability to help you achieve results more quickly. Coaching typically moves more quickly than traditional therapy because coaching is focused on making changes today that have immediate impact.

Are you a typical client?

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You are a typical client if you have a desire to have greater life satisfaction in one or more areas of your life. Some clients are facing family or relationship challenges and are looking for another perspective and approach for relating within those structures. Some clients are in career situations and are uncertain of the next step on the path to ultimate success and are looking for guidance in critical work conversations and decisions. Other clients are facing a transition in life – a divorce, a relocation, a death, an illness, a marriage, a birth, a new relationship – and are looking for wisdom in the chaos of the change. Most clients are feeling unfulfilled and “stuck” in some way and are looking for a way to greater purpose in their lives and guidance in their choices.


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